why do bad things happen to good people? philosophy

| Love of All Wisdom, Book Announcement — Hinduism: A Contemporary Philosophical Investigation. We don't want answers, we don't want explanations, and we don't want closure. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? Any person with an ounce of moral sensitivity is outraged by the injustices of our world. Required fields are marked *. This spiritual purpose expects to be mere trustee to the surplus wealth and use it for well being of other people. What is that troubles you. You like to believe in your capabilities the way others perceive.

Negative emotions will reduce. It is for all of us to look into these issues and find answers. It is said “God helps those who help themselves”.

Michael Coren Page 1 of 3. You are far better off with the question than with an answer. I don’t think it should be a surprise that early Indian texts generally do not ask the question of why bad things happen to good people. The body consciousness that had been taken off after death will be again reinforced with a new set of body, a new brain and a new memory.

The answers to these anomalies cannot be found by just limiting our existence to this life. If innocent people suffering does not fit into our worldview, we must eradicate it. This is how people develop harmony in their dealings with others. I think not. This divine justice is the belief carried out by so many people holding spiritual perspective.

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This is the opportunity nature provides to improve by bearing some sort of suffering.

Despite best of intention and courage, we find lot of people who possess good qualities suffer. What if we asked why, and actually got an answer?

We have to realize that our true self comprises both body consciousness and inner consciousness. This insensitivity to the suffering has grown, and feeling for the pain of others is ignored.

This is the reason that people who wish to move ahead in their spiritual pursuit look for the acts of sacrifice. Support Ask Moses | background-color:#5cbf2a; We realize eternal bliss filled with love all around for humanity and thereby to God. All these questions do come to all of us, but we try to curb them.

Living in harmony will come naturally after a person understands the importance of love, compassion, forgiveness, empathy and humility.

And that is unthinkable.

The purpose of life can be best understood when we think of life as a continuum from earlier lives to this life and hereafter.

This makes people to adhere to life of virtues and abhor momentarily pleasures that are out of context with the flow of life. Meditation helps to realize and know real- self. The question arises as whether money earned need to be spent entirely towards own comforts. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Did God not provide this opportunity to help others through sharing part of wealth? God expects us to keep inner consciousness in focus while dealing with others. It is the need of divine and ultimate truth to not discriminate in any way. The need of inner self (soul) is love for God and other human beings.

If you see all others as a reflection of own self; think everyone filled with same essence coming from one source; feel essence of God within; and realize that every moment he is with me as my companion, guide and friend. This is not a wishful thinking but true. It is therefore customary to insert a dash in middle of G-d's name, allowing us to erase or discard the paper it is written on if necessary. Money can buy happiness when we earn, spend, and invest money in a way that is closely aligned with spiritual perspective. Why is this world so unfair? Reference this. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (BY-NC-SA) licence. Small differences are often ignored. The inner self (soul) has come from one single source so it tries to bring closeness with that source (God) and all other people who originated from that source. First Jew, and first of our three Patriarchs. a. birth in rich/educated families I think this is the only plausible explanation that can mystify our role in this life despite some sort of suffering. And the Buddha replies that the reason is their action (kamma). If money helps us to promote love, care and help others, it then fulfills true purpose. You can view samples of our professional work here. The deeper we delve into spirituality, the better we appreciate that all human beings from the divine perspective are equal. As self (body) need food to grow, inner self (soul) need love for God and its creation to grow.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? How then, one can say that hate is the most deadly sins in this world that needs to be removed. It is a microscopic knowledge of our true self. They wish to take care of own self interest even at times at the cost of others. This is the starting point for crime, greed and corruption. } We do not like someone as our mind has created a wrong picture of the entire situation. This saying is true in this manner. You tend to become grateful, compassionate and humble during the moments of suffering.

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