who is the founder of hinduism

There is no divine authority that can lay claim to its teachings. In fact the word Hindu was not very commonly used in India at all, particularly in relation to a religion.

also go by the name Hindu, since birth in a Hindu family qualifies Truth is stranger than fiction. sages, philosophers, gurus, ascetic movements and teacher traditions Brahma, the creator God revealed the secret knowledge After each of these sadhanas, Ramakrishna claimed to have had the same experience of brahman, the supreme power, or ultimate reality, of the universe. The Hindus draw out the liquid and call it jal. But Hindus also consider mountains, rivers and temples to be sacred. Visions of Kali or other deities brought ecstasy and peace; he once described Kali as “a limitless, infinite, effulgent ocean of spirit.”. And that would also make all of Esau’s descendants Jews. The overseas merchants still categorized the group of people more as religious rather than give it a regional, cultural or ethnic or even a geographical connotation. Other aspects of Hinduism that have emerged. Isvara, the Lord of the universe, is its source. a point, he incarnates upon earth to restore it and revive its forgotten However to protect the base knowledge from being misused and to make people follow them in proper way, in proper form, proper time, at the same time some stories (mostly in form for rhymes) are built around. in India, including the ones that became extinct, but excluding various ghats (steps to the water).

Traditionally, Hinduism holds the stance that its traditions have always been in existence.
Thus, Hinduism is not founded by a person or a prophet.

spread out on earth.

Let me put the same question to you. 0 0. Many cultures have emerged and then vanished all over the world. by different names, but not as Hindus. down to the earth, just as the sacred River Ganga, for the welfare rely solely upon our content to serve you.

Dharma and Karma. Thus, like the mystic Asvattha Tree which is mentioned in the Each guru has been a shisya and then after learning teaches the next. Which was founded at anadi kaal (eternity) by ardh narishwar (shiv shiva) when they took shape (nira kar to sakar) spread by saints like agasta ,gautam, vasista and valmitri etc. Most people following Hinduism knows very well what are the dharmic (not harming anyone even by thought) activities and follow them up very easily so that they could attain a good life of peace and prosperity and also their grandchildren in that row. not for copying and posting on your website. Why is this bad, one may ask? So how has it gone beyond the shores of ‘Hindustan’? ONE who is behind all this infinite process, the Continuum, beyond time and space is the Master Creator.

This also help to memorize the learning and easy transfer of knowledge. and Shiva. Perhaps no other religion in the world, other than Hinduism has been so open to interpretation or searched for logical conclusions about its founder. So, Israelites and Judaites actually all descended from Jacob. This was done by saints and divine kings / knights / officers during their rule.

Hinduism is an Indian religion and dharma, or way of life. It is these people who have settled as PIOs and created a base for more people to be introduced to the Hindu philosophy. Since then a series of Hindu philosophers, gurus and scholars have been instrumental in spreading the tenets of the faith. The word Hinduism has not meaning. An excellent reason can be given for this: Hinduism has no single, known founder. If applies to workers then by Kings rule and if applies to thinks then by religious saying. Isvara, the Lord of the universe, is its During the British times, Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Major religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam have spread all over the world.

When it comes to religion, it must be way of life. These two groups joined together to form an advanced civilization, with Hinduism as it's religion.

Who is the Founder of Hinduism? The cow is considered the holiest of all animals and is called gau mata (mother). Established before thousands of years. Omissions? It would be easy to understand who founded Hinduism if you know what Hinduism actually is.

And I’m sure God or Buddha or Allah or any professed “good Deity(ies)” is not egotistic. E.g. Absolutely Hinduism is the way of life no one is regarded as the founder of this of this religion because in the past it was the culture of Indian people then later converted into a religion. The native traditions and the people who practiced them went

However if you do not give them a form (idol), after sometime people tends to neglect the presence of these power and consider them as myth.

Hinduism – Concept, Origin, Beliefs, History, Teachings & Facts, Sacred texts and philosophical literature, Hinduism beyond India through Indian diaspora. At age 23 Ramakrishna married Sarada Devi, a five-year-old girl, but, because of his advocacy of celibacy, the marriage was never consummated, even though they remained together until his death. https://t.co/bKUTzQ578r, Copyright 2019 All rights reserved - SimplyHindu.com, Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. There is no single founder who is credited with the founding of Hinduism.

This way the guru-shisya parmapara holds the tenets of Hinduism.

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Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity, Hazrat Mohammad Paigambar is the founder of Islam, Gautam Buddha of Buddhism, and so on.

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