water dancer summary

Harriet successfully conducts her siblings back to Philadelphia. He makes his way north to the free city of Philadelphia, where he works with the Underground while struggling to adapt.

Hiram also possesses a special power called Conduction, which allows him to transport himself, and eventually other people, from one place to another. The narrative jumps back in time to when Hiram is a child. Soon after, Hiram conducts Thena to Philadelphia, where she is met by Kessiah and Harriet. Realizing that he needs an object from very deep in his memory to conduct more than a short distance, Hiram retrieves a shell necklace from Howell’s desk that Rose gave him the day she was sold.

Hiram returns to Virginia to help the Underground there and to rescue his loved ones: Sophia and his childhood caretaker, Thena. He goes to have dinner with Georgie Parks, his wife Amber, and their newborn baby, and gives the baby a wooden horse he carved as a gift. The Water Dancer is the debut novel of Ta-Nehisi Coates, a journalist known for his award-winning essay collections on race, his contributions to The Atlantic, and his … Bland is going to Alabama to help Lydia and her two children escape, and Hiram forges documents in support of the mission. After arriving in Maryland, Hiram meets Harriet’s siblings, who they will be taking to freedom in Philadelphia. Hiram immediately returns to Lockless. After four months, Hiram leaves for Philadelphia. He meets Otha and Raymond White, and starts living with Otha in the city. News arrives that Bland’s mission failed at the final hour; he is dead, and Lydia and the children have been re-enslaved. (including. Eventually, Hiram meets Harriet (based on the historical figure Harriet Tubman), known as a Moses, a powerful Underground agent who helps him to understand that Conduction works through the power of memory. She asks him to join her on a mission to Maryland, and he agrees. Teachers and parents! The property has fallen into a state of ruin, and Hiram doesn’t recognize any of the few enslaved people left there. Soon after, Corrine requests a meeting with Hiram and says that she has heard about his genius and would like him to work for her. He is overwhelmed by the sights, smells, and sounds of the city, and particularly by seeing so many free black people, some of whom are even wealthy.

Our, “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs. Meanwhile, Hiram wanders into Freetown, the section of the town of Starfall where the free black people live. Otha is devastated. He then tells Thena and explains that he is going to organize a reunion between her and Kessiah. LitCharts Teacher Editions.

Hiram is worried about leaving Lockless but doesn’t have much choice. Hiram eventually takes over the running of Lockless, which becomes a station on the Underground.

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