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This was a solid take on the subject, but my attention kept wandering off. The moral conundrum Aaron faces, while not new by any stretch—writers have long used beautiful women to force their male heroes into making impossible decisions (hello every James Bond book ever written! colleague says.

Let’s face it, 2020 is making us long for other timelines. Publisher: Atria Books

— Ben Coes, New York Times bestselling author of international espionage thrillers featuring Dewey Andreas, “One of today’s finest book reviewers!” Post was not sent - check your email addresses! His stellar reputation in the spy/thriller genre continues to be well-deserved, Aaron, a desk analyst for The Company takes on his dying uncle’s wish to bring a Nazi war criminal hiding in Argentina to justice, Jumping from Hamburg to Buenos Aires in the army 1960s, Kanon successfully recreates the time and places his characters inhabit. And you can illuminate actual history, exploring fine-bore zones of possibility within the large-bore zone of fact. A fast-paced, atmospheric thriller that works less well in reflecting on the banality of evil. •

Every time I review a book by Joseph Kanon I say the same thing: he’s done it again.

A Gannett Company. The historical thriller is thus drawn to the unexplored interstices, the dank crevices of history.

The Accomplice by Joseph Kanon. Published A gripping spy thriller, in which American agent Aaron Weill, at the behest of his Nazi-hunting uncle Max, tries to track down a doctor, Otto Schramm, who worked with Mengele in Auschwitz, in hopes of performing an Eichmann-like extraction from South America.

A compact, lightweight Korean-inspired dryer that reduces drying time up to 70 percent. From Germany to South America, from the CIA to the Mossad and with a love story that teeters on passion, the novel engages and wraps us up in a comfy “what’s next?” Along the way we have some astute comments upon human nature such as “The Jews who built that thought they were German. He currently lives in Southwest Michigan with his wife and their six children.

Considering that the book, like large swathes of the citizenry, spends a bit of time in or near an analyst’s office, it all hangs together, even so. Good pacing, good sustained level of tension and plenty of twists and turns. There will be no El Al plane secretly waiting to fly Schramm to Germany or Israel. Joseph Kanon ESPIONAGE, by The novel begins with the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops in 1945.

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I won this book on the goodreads giveaway and this is my review. As in the recent novel ONCE WE WERE BROTHERS by Ronald H. Batson, the obsession on the part of a few to bring these criminals to justice dominates the story line as does Joseph Kanon’s latest novel, THE ACCOMPLICE. Joseph Kanon’s historical thrillers play out in the shadow of the Second World War and the heat of the Cold War. | Prison? Strong characterizations, complex and twisty story lines, strong sense of time and place, historical details, mostly edgy, dark tone, often bittersweet.
So unless the novelist is writing alternative history, the outlines of our own actual past have to be respected. As in Tattooist, the writing itself is workmanlike at best and often overwrought. However, to my ear—such as it is—it all rings true; the protagonist is hardly more than a tourist himself.

Joseph Kanon delivers another edge-of-your-seat spy thriller that, once it gets going, moves with urgency and purpose. •

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