surfing etiquette

You need to be respectful, but also stand up for yourself if necessary. Your surfboard can help in keeping you against the impact of any falls and protect your head (or your body) in a wipeout situation. Living in hawaii has the absolute worst and i mean absolute worst hot heads in America. A few weeks ago I was in a great spot and finially catching some waves. It’s all about perspective. Wear a leash to keep the board from getting ditched. You should, therefore, practice and fine-tune your stance before you get into the deep waters. This rule basically exists because of the surfer’s greed. A good sportsman will tell you where the peaks are and the best place to paddle out.

Apart from that being a d**k move, if the surfer riding doesn’t see you and initiates a maneuver such as a cutback, you could both get in trouble. To stay safe and become better at the sport, you need to note that the surfer closest to the peak of the wave has priority over the one on the shoulder of the wave or farther from the peak. That was the truest post I’ve seen, and it’s frustrating that most beginners don’t bother to read up on etiquette/rules before getting so happy-go-lucky into the water, thinking they’re a G/D surfer. If you’re in the wrong spot with the wrong people it can very well end up in a proper fight and you probably don’t want to get there.

Unfortunately for all of you sitting on the shoulder, away from the peak, you’ll have to wait for your turn! And this guy was a total jerk he yelled at me to start paddling that way until I couldn’t see him then said your a f*cking kook. Nowadays, even skilled surfers will ride LBs in situations where they’re rather shortboard, just because it negates the torture of having to deal with less skilled surfers on LBs hogging waves and otherwise misbehaving. While this may sound a tad condescending, understanding your own abilities in the water and humbly accepting them could save your life. Standing makes you the anchor and keeps you in a good position. It can be a dangerous thing to do as well as the surfer closest to the peak will be carrying more speed than you and this may end up in a collision. Select Your Gear According to Your Skill Level. Lastly, if someone else in the water wrongs you, if they burn you, drop in on you, or send a board flying at you, forgive and forget.

Chill out a little on the beginners. Several developments have been made over the years, and the bar set higher. If you think you’re not, you’re deluding yourself. Surfing is more than just a sport, it becomes ingrained in us the moment we catch our first wave. At Swell Surf Camp, we want you to be well rounded surfers that could fit in at any break in the world at the end of your surf holiday. Your email address will not be published. Too dangerous to other surfers at our local surf spot. Many people have the misconception that the floor is sandy and therefore not hard enough to cause an injury. From the camps, you will also learn that it is important first to observe the waves for 10-15 minutes when you arrive at the beach. This involves not tossing your board or paddling it into other surfer’s path. Surfing Etiquette. Observe the right of way. Even though it’s been many years since the OP, I’m glad you posted, hoping it’ll remind every beginner that they’re not the only person in the water. While there is no governing authority to tell you what to do, it is still rather acceptable to surf and ride by the unspoken/unwritten commandments surfers have to abide by. We have travelled to a lot of different countries and have seen 1000’s of different surf spots & one of the things that really makes our local surfing beach stand out is the mellow & friendly vibe between locals, expats and visiting surfers. Rules of Etiquette ….. were lost, in the shortboard revolution.

Always control your board. Tribal and so not in the meaning of being on the water . Surfing In The Time Of Black Lives Matter, Outerknown Clothing Review – Kelly Slater’s Brainchild Clothing Brand.

These rules are not so much “rules” as they are a proper code of conduct designed to keep everyone in the water safe and happy.

Surfboards are dangerous arsenals, not just for yourself but for others riding, too. No JetSki’s anywhere near Playa Encuentro, they are noisy, smelly and dangerous to the other surfers.


The surfer closest to the peak of the wave has priority. Just use the channel or paddle WIDE around the shoulder of the wave. Beginners make it an annoying habit to be right where the waves are breaking to fix their leash or get back on the board. So respect surfing etiquette, yes, but also respect the environment, parking signs, speed limits and just try not to stand out as a loud annoying tourist. And, while doing that, do not forget to be polite and smile!

It's just good manners. So whilst I really encourage you to read, read again, remember and follow these guide lines, I also want you to know that you will most likely make mistakes, as we ALL did. First and foremost, it’s important to note that certain ‘surf spots’ are tailored towards a particular skill level. Only you do not. This will instantly get people annoyed and may start dropping in or worst, doing snake around you.

If you understand priority, you will surf peacefully even in a crowded lineup. Progress with a surfboard tailored to your needs. Once you are done with your surf session, pick up all the plastic bags and bottle you used.

A-Frames or Split Peaks: If two surfers are on either side of the peak, they each have the right of way to take off on their respective sides. you should pull your head in! Structured surf lessons take place each morning, with an instructor alongside you and the head surf coach watching from shallow water, ready to offer learn to surf tips between riding waves. The best thing about surfing is not having to deal with too many regulations.

We’ve all have heard stories of “surf rage” and “locals only” spots, and we’ve all seen gruesome surf injuries. However, surfing can be a bit intimidating at times, and even dangerous if done incorrectly.

I’ve made blatantly bad moves I can count on two hands in twenty years. Let’s face it, as surfers we are selfish greedy bastards, or at least most of us are. It may seem trivial but making amends and making your intentions clear go a long way in a crowded lineup. Only you did not. Most of the do's and don'ts here are explained in more details in … I’m a beginner, and I’ll try to stay out of the way of people surfing from farther out, but that’s about it.I’d like to see some c-lover try to intimidate me. It is essential to realize that surfing is more than just a sport; it becomes a part of you once you catch your first wave. Blessed are the days when joy and fortune happens randomly and organically as it we are not entitled to them. At Swell, we teach you everything you need to know about our local break before we paddle out ( including Surf Etiquette). This means if you’re paddling out and a wall of whitewater is coming, you don’t have permission to just throw your board away and dive under. You get a wave and after paddle back and try to go on the very next wave, you deserve to get doped in on on till you get the point that its not cool to do. If the surfer who’s riding the wave wants to make a cutback she’ll run right into you.

It’s important to not kid yourself about your own ability level.

If you have been to Bondi Beach in Australia, then you know that there are beaches that border residential areas. This rule is directly connected to the first one, and it is probably the most important one of all…and also the one that will get you in most trouble if you break it – DO – NOT – DROP – IN ! If you can not successfully ride from the line-up to the shore without stopping, MOVE DOWN THE BEACH to where no one is and practice there. But I didn’t even feel like surfing anymore so I left. You should not paddle or lay on your board since you may end up stuck in the unwanted depth. As a result, if you run over someone, drop in on someone, or break the rules and etiquette of the beach, always apologise.

BUT do not say you surf. How you talk, act, and move should show respect, kindness, and consideration even in the most unusual places. Share! If you can, take it a step further by asking another surfer about the spot. One reason most don’t tell this rule is because a beginner ocean judgement isn’t good enough to enforce this rule nor would anyone respect the beginner for trying to do so. any book that tells of adventure(s) in a way this book does,... Hi Mary, thanks for the comment! And I guarantee evolution is happening fast while we sleep, so what could we all agree on? for example, i been living on oahu in waikiki for 4 years now. If you do lie to yourself about this, you will inevitably practice poor etiquette, without even meaning to do that. If you wish to be a guest on the different beaches in America, there are quite several camps you can join and learn important lessons about the local break.

-Keep surf spots However, proper etiquette must be followed when several people are surfing in the same area.

You also need to note that the surfer closest to the curl, the breaking part of the peak of the wave deserves the way and has priority over others in the lineup. Sometimes the wildlife, other surfs and the seafloor causes injuries during surfing. It’s part of life. That is why I strongly encourage you to be mindful about your surroundings and other surfers, paying particular attention when you’re still inexperienced. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask a lifeguard. I have been really wondering a lot about this as I have been lately teaching myself to surf in Hawaii.
The instructor should not only take them down three or five towers from the pier, they should instruct them on the rules in this post. For safety and courtesy to other surfers, paddle wide of the surfers, back to the line-up, like Jim is doing in the picture. If you don’t like surfing with the longboarder, wait for a day that’s so big he won’t make it out. of being a human being, the respect that should be allowed every person and the understanding, that surfing is a privilege, and not a right, as an individual. Surfing Is A Sport For Individuals, Not For Teams. We all hate localism, of course we do. Im no expert ,but i can catch waves and ride on the intermideate level. Surfing with the wrong gear not only poses a risk to you but to those people surfing with you. Others may smile at you, or even massage your ego, but if you’re making a line-up miserable for others, though they smile at you, they’re all grateful to the person who yelled at you for speaking up (unless they’re afraid they could easily be in your shoes, which skilled and courteous surfers are not going to be). Wave priority should be practiced.

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