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Congratulations. Every precaution needs to be taken to preserve our current election system. Do you think this is a good way of curbing what you said was the Washington insider domination that exists today? I mean, it does work for us. While it would be great to have just twenty students at one university to have a chance to really interact with one individual guest, I think Denver students come to the table from a very different perspective than students from USC in Southern California, when they joined us for a couple of the classes, or Pace University, you have a Northeast/New York-centric group of students; George Mason University tends to draw from an international pool of students. Obviously it’s had to have had a wonderful on the students themselves. She’s been through a lot in this campaign already in what eight short weeks or nine weeks, however long ago the convention was.

President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were on Red Square in Moscow as one of the final overseas trips by the president. While I was in Baltimore, I thought I would just swing by—I had a friend that worked at C-SPAN. I think it’s good for the students, I think it’s good for C-SPAN, it’s been good for the Cable Center and the University of Denver, and I think it’s been a way for us to show that we’re not just a network that points a camera and covers events, that we have a lot of substance and depth. LS:     I remember the Bob Dole in talking to just some students afterward and a couple of people actually commented on how warm and personable they thought Bob Dole was. Do they give you the answer you’re looking for regardless of their political ideology or party affiliation? So you’ve got a fair number of Democrats and Republicans coming in to give different sides of the stories. And we’re the only network of its kind anywhere in the world. Take your head out of joes ass. The final presidential debate is scheduled for Thursday night with moderator Kristen Welker, from NBC News. That signals to me we better ask about it. The same with politics. So I called up his office. And I do it to try to send out information about what we’re doing in terms of C-SPAN. Scully isn’t taking questions. They worked with us the whole quarter, the whole semester, but for part of the classes.

But it was Brian’s idea. Have you seen a change in the students over time or just even over the length of the class in their perspective on the way the political system works? And of course the Cable Center has been a wonderful partner to us, Larry, over these ten years. Technology changes and the technology has changed just in the years that we’ve been doing the class. As I say, it’s a nontraditional course taught with traditional academic requirements and if they take this class and they’re Poli-Sci students or journalism students, I think it’s just a chance to complement everything else that they’re getting here at the University of Denver, or wherever the students happen to be going to school. Scully has not commented further, raising the question of if he meant the tweet to be a private direct message. Some days are going to be busier than others. — Steve Scully (@SteveScully) October 9, 2020, Scaramucci, who turned on Trump after a disastrous ten day stint at the White House in 2017, replied saying, “Ignore. Where in hell has off the chart ignorance vs common sense gone? I think it’s better for the students because they are able to see other questions from a different perspective and a different vantage point and I think it’s good for the guests who come because they’re getting peppered from a number of different universities.

LS:     Well, Steve it’s been a pleasure—. We made a concerted effort to give full context, 2-3-4 minutes, sometimes longer so that you really understand what’s being talked about, and give the students some perspective and context. We’re like any other news operation because we have a limited number of people who can cover these events. We’re going to explore several different things during the interview. Were there any real big surprises like that that really stand out? SS:     That’s a good question. Don’t worry about being afraid to chime in and start reading the paper and you will very quickly get a sense of what’s going on and to a person, I have seen that here at the University of Denver.

I’d like to thank Brian Lamb and the people at C-SPAN for their support of this enterprise.

I laid out a health care plan, which would have reduced the cost of health care for everybody in America. Why is that? LS:     She was holding court in a corner when I saw her and everybody was coming to her, which was great. Indeed, Joseph Wulfsohn included Scaramucci’s tweeted response in his account of the story for FOX News. I mean when you talk about the Johnson treatment that he gave in the 1960’s, you talk about Vietnam issues that we talked about, and Watergate, and the assassination attempt on Reagan. A statement on Twitter isn’t going to cut it. You have entered an incorrect email address! And in 2012, social media is going to be a real driving force for the Republican nominee and for the Obama campaign. LS: Hi, I’m Larry Satkowiak, President and CEO of the Cable Center.It’s May 26, 2011 ­, and we’re here today with Steve Scully, who was C-SPAN’s Senior Executive Producer and Political Editor. One of the guests strikes me right off, Madeleine Albright, when she came in. Then we started to air on the C-SPAN networks because we were getting such great guests, sometimes guests that didn’t want to come on C-SPAN but were happy to talk to students.

I mean they ?punch , they _____ the bets, they absolutely change the subject. They leave with a sense of confidence that they can ask questions, speak out in public, and say—one student told me last year, I’ll never forget it, “I can go home at Thanksgiving and I can debate my dad on the issues and I’m going to be just as smart as he is, and maybe smarter.” And I thought, Go for it. People think that we just turn on the camera and shoot these different events. And where is it going? But of course most important of all has been the extraordinary generosity of Amos Hostetter. Some examples could be—there could be a celebrity testifying on Capitol Hill about a cause that could be very important, but you could also have the Defense Secretary, Bob Gates or whomever is in that post, talking about Pentagon spending cuts. I worked in Rochester, New York, for a couple of years. How long should it take them to crack the case? Is it audience-driven? So it really began as a simple concept that evolved and grew as technology grew. Steve Scully, the moderator of the second scheduled presidential debate that was set for October 15 in Miami. DM:     Great question. SS:     It is a challenge because every university wants the guest by themselves, and yet I think while you want to make sure that if you have an hour and more often than not, I would stretch it to an hour fifteen, or an hour twenty, and I would try to push it as long as I could because I wanted every student to ask the questions that they could. SS:     The good news is that C-SPAN is looking for ways to take what we’ve learned here at the Cable Center. Control the press is only the first step in their take over of society. It doesn’t have to be boring. My main job, my day job is to cover politics. First of all, we’ve tried to mirror what’s happening in politics and public policy at the time, so we spend a lot of time in this quarter talking about the debt and the deficit because that’s been the dominant issue; a little bit about presidential politics.

Could you tell us how you became involved with the distance education class and how that all developed in the relationship with C-SPAN and the University of Denver and the Cable Center? Could you talk about some of the challenges that a distance learning class like this would encounter. It’s number one because it’s not like we have scheduled programming seven days a week except for the Washington Journal and some Sunday evening programs. I think it’s a real tribute for you and to C-SPAN and obviously to Amos Hostetter for having the vision to pull this together. I was involved in his ill-fated campaign in 1980, which was interesting; having worked as a high school student in the Carter campaign in 1976, I saw from two different perspectives. Two, it shows that there is a different way to be out there. I know the program was going on before that—. There’s a couple, now in their late twenties who I think might be running for office, so I think we could see a few alums running for Congress or maybe running for local office, and that’s great. Commenters who employ what we deem extreme vulgarity in a comment — “s***,” “f***,” “a*******,” or one of their many variants — will be banned without further notice. The problem is they often don’t choose to and then if you get a follow-up, you have to try to dig it out. There are a lot of blockbuster hearings and there may be some great speeches we want to get. We cover the events as they happen. How did you get involved with C-SPAN and what was your career before that? But the idea of opening up the process and giving people a sense of what happens on the floor of the House of Representatives, what happens in Congressional hearings, what happens on the campaign trail, the policy speeches, the think tank seminars—it’s all available, and that’s really been our mission for 30-plus years. And then afterwards I had John Dean on. So we sit around every afternoon, a group of people who look at all the day’s events and then determine where we send our cameras. The biggest challenge we have as a network is to let people know what we’re covering and when it’s going to be on. But you know what?

Sad statement on the state of the Democrat Party. Before that, I worked in Rock Island, Illinois, and then came down for a job interview in Baltimore, Maryland, at WBAL. He said something stupid, got caught and called out for it, and C-SPAN is attempting to do damage control and prevent Scully from being booted from the debate. So if you have twenty universities you’re going to lose that. So from that, he had the idea why don’t we bring the best of Washington to students in the middle of the country. This has been a really extraordinary program, an extraordinary class at the University of Denver that’s been running for ten years now. Scully denied sending the tweet.

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