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Hosted annually, TADS Awards gathers together individuals and businesses […], “Sometimes it takes a big corporation two years to audit their books, with blockchain and modern technologies there’s no excuse like that anymore.” The interview opens up a special edition of NexChange Interview Series ahead of the virtual Hong Kong Blockchain Week 2020. Major League Baseball is another sports league that is not popular globally. The reason is that ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in North America and the northern, richest countries in Europe. FS1 | FOX | FOX News | Fox Corporation | FOX Sports Supports | FOX Deportes, ™ and © 2020 Fox Media LLC and Fox Sports Interactive Media, LLC. La Liga (Spanish Football League) — $2.2 Billion, 9.

But the Indian Premier League is the fastest-growing sports league in the world. However, AFL attracts some of the biggest crowds at its events, averaging around, In 2018, the AFL ended the year with a revenue of $2.5 billion. Therefore, a big chunk of NPB’s revenues comes from tickets, since tens of thousands of spectators come to watch every major game. Therefore, there’s no denying that sports league based in America or Canada provide the most revenue in the world. Global Online Investor Roadshow (GOIR) is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investment, and digital asset opportunities. Not only are 4 out of the top 5 positions held by American/Canadian leagues, the revenue of these leagues far outpaces all others. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The NFL was reported to have generated $13 billion in revenue, but more modest reports take it down to $8.78 billion after overhead and expenses. However, that does not stop the MLB from taking the second position on our list of the most profitable sports leagues in the world.
Market Watch We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. As a matter of fact, the, Cricket is one of the least popular sports on our list of the. The National Football League alone commands $13 billion in revenue, giving it the top spot overall by a huge amount.
Contrary to the two highest-grossing sports above, the National Basketball Association enjoys worldwide popularity and fame. The biggest teams, such as Collingwood Football Club and Hawthorne Football Club profited the most from it. The league consists of 20 teams, which, granted, are not as popular as those coming from La Liga or the Premier League, for example. While all of Europe’s top sports leagues involve football, America’s and Canada’s top leagues by revenue span 5 different sports: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey andFootball (soccer). Help | Viewer Feedback | Press | Advertise With Us | Jobs | FOX Cincy | RSS | Site Map According to Forbes, the Dalla… Major League Baseball franchises average $237 million per year, with a low of $159 million (Miami Marlins). The NFL remains the most dominant sports leagues with more than half of the 50 most valuable sports franchises, but the other major sports chipped away at …

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