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With four reigning kings between them, it's hard to believe our current Queen ruled in the same century as her great-great grandmother. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had 87 great-grandchildren. GBH recently put Adam on the Reddit hot seat for a Reddit AMA where he talked about Wikipedia, the series’ passionate following, falling into a river in San Antonio, his favorite cheese and more. 2. They and their children were executed in 1917 during the Russian revolution. Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf also has ties to Victoria on both sides of his family tree, though the royal never knew his father, who was Victoria's great grandson. Victoria, Princess Royal.

Though King Phillippe of Belgium isn't directly related to Victoria, he does deserve a mention, as the two rulers share a family tree.

She married Prince Henry of Battenberg and passed the hemophiliac gene onto her daughter, Victoria, who in turn passed the gene on to the Spanish royal family. (Getty), Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf with his wife, Queen Silvia.

Queen Victoria and her first cousin Prince Albert, who married on February 10, 1840, had nine children. Another of Victoria's grandchildren, Alix, was better known as Alexandra Feodorovn, wife and Empress to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. This one's pretty obvious, but yes, Queen Elizabeth is very much descended from Queen Victoria, whose reign ended just 51 years before Elizabeth's began. Great-great-grandchildren are third cousins. In November 2020, 32 million Latino people—the largest nonwhite voting bloc in US history— will be eligible to vote for president. (SSPL via Getty Images), The true story of Queen Victoria's 'botched' coronation in 1838, Queen Victoria's love match with Prince Albert, The Queen Victoria effect: why she was the original royal 'influencer', Queen Victoria and Abdul: A scandalous royal friendship, Jacinda Ardern's fiance cooks up snacks for media outside their house, Sylvia Jeffreys pregnant with her second child, Kate and William mark one year since Pakistan tour with adorable video call. what happened to Queen Victoria’s nine children. This article was originally published on KCTS9.org.

Queen Victoria, the British monarch from 1837 to 1901 and Prince Albert (her husband from 1840 until his death in 1861) had these 9 children, 42 grandchildren, and 87 great-grandchildren. As for Felipe's father, his paternal grandfather was Victoria's great grandson. Alix and Nicholas were the heads of the famous Romanov family who met a grisly fate. Victoria’s son Leopold died at age 30 from an injury that triggered a hemorrhage, which was caused by the disease.

Hold onto your hats, because this family tree is about to get complicated. Watch the brand new comedy series Code 404 now on Stan.

According to the PBS link above, her name lives on: One of Princess Eugenie’s middle names is Helena. 5. She was also a National Geographic Young Explorer — which is totally a real job title.

He was ultimately deposed in 1945, after years in exile. Prince Albert Edward Wettin Prince Albert succeeded his mother as King Edward VII.

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