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Honestly I don’t know if I have ever heard a single Frank Ocean song, I have briefly listened to Blonde to fall asleep, don’t understand the hype, also Pyramids remains such a mindblowingly incredible song, CO is very dope, and nostalgia ultra and his lonny breaux collection has a bunch of gems.
Frank's voice just flows so beautifully.

Seems obvious, but please do not downvote anyone you disagree with. After Channel Orange was released, Ocean became the last word in new R&B, artistic integrity and freedom of expression. “I’ve worked out what Frank’s doing!” wrote one Reddit user: “He’s building suspense!”Harriet Gibsone. The beat switch is way more powerful in pyramids as it also a change of history and … Vocally he’s just ok, and lyrically he’s pretty good. He has some really dope shit, but also extreme duds imo, Ivy is beautifull.

Also, be sure to upvote well thought out responses, whether you agree with them or not. He was cultivating the elusive quality that would become his trademark and help him stand out in the age of oversaturation. Music fans lapped it up. Jay Z’s site Life+Times published an article entitled Thank You, Frank Ocean, while Beyoncé posted a black-and-white photo of Ocean on her Instagram, overlaid with messages including be honest, be brave and be yourself. share. But when it comes to the music he makes its just… not good. This is a Frank Ocean sub, so posts should be directly related to Frank Ocean. 92% Upvoted. I love everything about that line. Still seems surreal we are able to discuss Frank's new album, but here we are! (Chassol also noted that the artist had “a lot of pictures of architecture, contemporary art” in his studio, which may explain his new-found affinity with woodwork.). Of all the awesome Frank Ocean tattoos you could get you decide to get a Simpsons character with a boner. I suggest that the Good Guy and Solo (Reprise) threads get made separately. The fuck? At times, a figure – later revealed to be Ocean – would arrive and start to cut, drill and sand planks of wood.

His biggest contemporaries beat him on that.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. 45 comments. Are there changes you'd want to see? In March, one Twitter user described a chance meeting with a man in a bar who allegedly broke his confidentiality agreement to divulge information about Ocean’s forthcoming project. These samples are likely to be tasters of Boys Don’t Cry.

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as it's been stated above, the song is long as hell and the switch plays into the narrative and is very fucking powerful. After the Orlando massacre, he wrote: “Many don’t see anything wrong with passing down the same old values that send thousands of kids into suicidal depression each year. In an era when many major artists are prolific – such as Drake – or ubiquitous – Rihanna, Beyoncé – the New Orleans-born artist has taken his time and kept a low profile. Endless but not friendless, Press J to jump to the feed.

Love nights, but apologize please. Pyramids has like 5 meanings in this entire song itself.

This is the kind of beat drop that just changes your life for the better. Beyonce later told Complex magazine: “I noticed his tone, his arrangements and his storytelling.” The album went to No 2 in the UK and US and, while it wasn’t a blockbuster hit, Ocean carved out a place for introspective and ambitious R&B that wasn’t a slave to the Top 40.

It’s four years since Frank Ocean’s last album, Channel Orange, and 13 months since he promised the follow-up, Boys Don’t Cry, would be released. currently being shown at Brooklyn Museum in New York, revealing a folder entitled “BEATS 4 FOCEAN”, experimental French composer and pianist Chassol, James Blake, Depeche Mode and British oddball King Krule, Tumblr posts he wrote in the wake of the Orlando massacre.
Maybe I’m just missing something but imo Frank isn’t really that good. Last modified on Mon 3 Dec 2018 15.26 GMT. I only got to Nikes and Ivy and it’s better than Revival as a whole. Is Frank Ocean really that bad? Pusha T, Actually I think it was yesterday or something but idgf. can you point me to an analysis of the song that expands on some of this stuff you're talking about? He interpolated songs from Coldplay, the Eagles and MGMT. Pyramids is one of the best rnb songs of this decade and maybe of all time. r/FrankOcean: For everything Frank, Endless but not friendless. Yesssssssss I've been in love with it since the first time. this might be the last 1 so treat it nice The atmosphere is slower and more reminiscent. Unless, of course, it refers to the 1999 film dramatisation of the life and murder story of trans man Brandon Teena.

It's just on another level. What is the overall vibe you got from this song? Shit gonna make me cry someday. This means no new threads or posts can be created, The Industry’s Vermin is a Hip-Hop track about the way the Industry, we all know to be corrupt, treats, NEW HOT OLDSCHOOL BEAT PRODUCED BY BEATCOYNZ Pyramids has like 5 meanings in this entire song itself. Definitely in my top 5. These short clips of music support theories about the range of collaborators thought to feature on Boys Don’t Cry. This thread is archived. The way he holds seaaaancee. let me know what you think Merchandise . Like that verse on Oldie was great! It’s likely, however, that this elaborate ruse is designed to reveal a more simple motivation.

He was too. From 1:40 to the transition.

Any hateful messages toward others or Frank will result in a ban. It sounds like he's hardly trying, yet he hits the perfect notes. Eagle-eared listeners noted the use of “boy” on the track. A month later, his album Channel Orange (original title Hilfiger Nigga) was released. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Frank Ocean might be the most overrated artist in the past decade. No Nirvana in this life, but Frank takes us close. We saw a large stack of speakers, possibly taken from an installation by the artist and friend of Ocean Tom Sachs, that is currently being shown at Brooklyn Museum in New York. Fave on the album. The song is pretty incredible though, for sure.

But Ocean, possibly used to being a background player (after moving from New Orleans to LA, he made a living writing songs for Justin Bieber and Brandy), remained unknown. Your comment made my hairs on the back of my neck stand up and they kept going up and up I like you. u/rickreadit. ^ Woah. This line is more than all of this and it is probably my favourite line on this album because it almost feels like every time it eludes you to transcend time and space. That first half is just so good. His biggest contemporaries beat him on that. Does anyone else love the way he says this line? One atmosphere pervaded: a sense of solitude, melancholy and mystery. I feel like a free man.” The statement, which was originally intended to be printed as sleevenotes to the album, added a new dimension to songs such as Forrest Gump and Pink Matter. Fan content is encouraged, positive feedback is also encouraged. HBO’s Insecure has always used music to support the show’s themes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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