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These were usually the same women who had a widowed nephew from Shropshire or Somerset or some other faraway county who was looking for a wife, and would Susannah like to meet him, but not this week because he was busy escorting six of his eight sons to Eton. Welcome back. It didn’t seem an unattainable goal. Any moment now it would surely sprout an ice cube. She skirted along the edge of the ballroom, looking for the French doors that led to the hall.

The first wish was an impossibility. “I’m sorry. Lady Whistledown’s gossip columns “narrate” the first four books. More of her words, more of her conversation. She couldn’t imagine what he could possibly want with her. [sending a letter which instantly solves everything was an anticlimactic way to end things. Tillie shook her head. And he said it with such quiet intensity, with such a controlled swell of emotion that Tillie knew that he had loved Harry, too, that he missed him almost as much as she did. Such romanticism rouses the need to go outside and let the rain restore one’s normally grumpy disposition. The Lady Whistledown columns narrating all four stories were written by me. by Avon, The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown. Even in the days following Clive’s defection, she had slept like the dead. This would not have seemed odd to many, but Susannah had always been the sort who fell asleep the instant her head hit the pillow. Miss Martin, who had somehow managed to put several yards between herself and her employer, returned. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Susannah had been rather terrified by the earl; Clive certainly hadn’t made him sound very approachable. Of course, if Harry had described him, he would have just shrugged and said something like, “Regular-looking fellow, I suppose.”. The stories in this anthology are all set at the same time, around the same two big events, a skating party and a St. Valentines Day Ball, with each author taking on a different couple. Can wedding bells be far behind, and can anyone truly say they don’t know who the prospective bride will be? It should have made him miss Harry more, since she looked so damned like him, right down to the leafy green eyes and the funny little angle at which they held their heads when they were listening. It didn’t bother him so much that she’d been turned into a wallflower; there would always be wallflowers among the ton, and there was little one man could do to rectify the situation. His hair was dark, honey blond, and his eyes were– well, she couldn’t possibly tell what color they were from three yards away, but it didn’t really matter because the rest of him was enough to make any young lady weak in the legs. “It was never my intention—”, “Never your intention?” she cut in, her eyes flashing with something approaching fury. Once it became apparent that she wasn’t going anywhere, either through supernatural or even quite ordinary means (Susannah couldn’t leave the ball until her parents were prepared to do so, and from the looks of them, at least three hours would pass before they would be willing to retire for the evening), she then wished that Clive Mann-Formsby and his new wife Harriet, who were holding court by a table of chocolate cakes, would disappear instead. The other stories were decent but, in my opinion, didn't really compete with Quinn's. Standing in the corner was appalling. We’d love your help. And his brother had most certainly wronged this young woman.

16 June, 1813, In July, Susannah was beginning to picture a ring on her finger…. The food was, as gossip had promised, exquisite, and Peter was quite happily spooning lobster bisque into his mouth when he heard a movement to his left, and when he turned, Tillie was looking at him, her lips parted as if she were about to say his name. “Please don’t lie to me,” she whispered. She’d never thought herself a coward, but she’d also never thought herself a fool, and truly, only a fool would willingly subject herself to this sort of misery. “There are a dozen young ladies in the retiring room,” Penelope said. “It’s more that that,” Peter said, not even needing her to say the words to know what she was thinking. And when she finally spoke, she said, “Thank you for that. With Lady Neeley, one never could be sure. Plus, she could get herself a piece of chocolate cake. “Unless you decide to flee before dinner, poor Miss Martin is stuck here for the duration.”.

“He spoke of you often.”, Tillie winced. So, one by one: This is a mixed rating for four novellas in one book in very mixed quality. Or maybe the out-and-out lies?”, He swallowed, unaware that her situation had been quite so unpleasant. Or better yet, a tract of land. Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, She leaned forward, her eyes wide and glowing with compassion, and when he looked at her, saw the rose milkiness of her skin, the light dusting of freckles across her nose– more than anything, he wanted to kiss her. Tillie Howard supposed that the night could get worse, but in all truth, she couldn’t imagine how. Tillie smiled tightly. They all run concurrently & culminate on Valentine's Day at a ball. Lady Whistledown Tells All! Oh, he had always been polite, but then again, he was polite to everyone. The Lady Whistledown columns narrating all four stories were written by me. He looked back at her, his question in his eyes. I take Tea with Violet Bridgerton, and Other Mugs, Stay in Touch!

Mr. Mann-Formsby and Miss Ballister continued their reign as society’s golden couple at the Shelbourne ball late last week—or at least as golden as one can imagine, given that Miss Ballister’s locks are a rather dark brown. We've got ice cream,... To see what your friends thought of this book, The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown (Lady Whistledown, #1). She was only twenty-one years old. I’m glad to know.”, He turned his attention back to his soup, hoping that a bit of lobster and flour and broth could banish the memory of Harry’s death, but then Tillie said, “It’s supposed to be easier because he’s a hero, but I don’t think so.”. “I–” But she couldn’t get it out. Robbie nodded. Susannah fought an unexpected rush of tears. Mostly I was expecting four separate novellas with Lady Whisteldown’s witty repertoire at the very beginning. It wasn’t a memory he cared to revisit, but he owed her that much honesty. What I didn’t expect was to find each of the characters from the novellas in each other’s stories. “I did,” she said, “although I’m not sure how… I don’t know…”. Julia Quinn's story was the reason I read this and I'd give hers a 3.5 star rating. Do you admit, then, that Harriet was your choice, not Clive’s?”, There seemed little point —and little honor— in lying. But here it was, almost nine, with no sign that Lady Neeley intended to forgo talking for eating anytime soon. “And mine.”. Just this week, Susannah had received fourteen afternoon callers, and not a one of them had been polite enough to refrain from mentioning Clive and Harriet. “What am I to do with this now?” Lady Neeley said, after Miss Martin had retrieved the bracelet from the carpet and handed it back to her. Something began to tug at him. Susannah possessed a quiet, dark beauty that he found far more arresting than the current blond, blue-eyed ideal that was so popular amongst society.

“Oh,” he said. But she was Harry’s sister, and he’d made a promise to Harry. His shoulders were broad, his posture was perfect, and his face looked as if it ought to be carved in marble. Susannah had been the toast of the town, once Clive had singled her out, and Penelope had been… well, Susannah wasn’t really certain what Penelope had been. His parents were encouraging him to enter the clergy, which was, in truth, the only other acceptable avenue for a gentleman of little means. Susannah had been walking as briskly as was possible in the crowded ballroom, clearly on her way to somewhere else. “I suppose she took pity on me, so newly returned to town.”. She wished that somehow, perhaps through some sort of mysterious and benevolent magic, she might disappear from the ballroom in which she was presently standing and find herself snuggled warmly in her bed in her family’s terrace house on Portman Square, just north of Mayfair. Peter saw it, too. “Thompson,” Robbie said again. But just when she reached her destination, she stumbled, and she found herself face to face with… oh blast, what was her name? And sure enough, the parrot was nuzzling the poor woman, cooing, “Martin, Martin,” as if it had just entered the gates of heaven. He smiled at her, and she smiled back, and something tightened within him, something odd and good and…, Peter turned around to see what had precipitated their hostess’s louder than normal screech.

“I recognized you the moment I walked in.”, His eyes, which she now realized were a mesmerizing shade of gray-blue, watched her with an intensity that made her want to squirm. She subscribed to the notion that a person ought to look as if she knew what she was doing, even if she didn’t. He was tall, even taller than Clive, who had stood a good head above her, and he possessed an oddly reserved air—almost too controlled, if such a thing were possible. Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers, “I wish,” she said through gritted teeth, “that it wasn’t so blasted cold.”. Her family wasn’t ready to go home, but surely she could find some quiet room where she might retire for a few minutes. “Perhaps,” she said tightly, “but I fail to see how it is any of your concern.”, “It may be that it is not,” he allowed, “but nonetheless, I did not approve of the way you were treated by society after Clive’s engagement.”, “Do you mean the gossip,” she asked, her face perfectly bland, “or the cuts direct?

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