how to format laptop without cd windows 10

To reinstall the system, only a few steps are necessary. The Microsoft Windows operating system comes with a built-in feature that allows you to format a hard drive without having to use a boot disc or installation CD. However, if you want to know the valid reasons why you need to freshen up your system, then read the following. However, if you want to know the valid reasons why you need to freshen up your system, then read the following. Step 3: Wait for the process to complete and reboot computer. Please make sure the laptop is plugged in or the batter has plenty of charge. As digital device, computer cannot work smoothly all the time, for instance, it may run out of disk space, system slows down or infect virus, etc.

Use an external USB hard drive with sufficient capacity as the backup drive, which you only connect to the PC during data backup. If there is more than one partition on the hard drive and you want to format the entire disk, then select one partition and click Delete option until all partitions gets deleted. However, if you can’t do anything about the speed of your computer, better just install a new OS. The method is suitable for users who want to thoroughly rid the laptop of garbage to achieve more speed. Here we will talk about how to format laptop Windows without losing data.

Step 5: Select “I accept the license terms” and click Next. You feel partitions on your hard drive are not reasonable and want to repartition disk for better performance. Are you looking for a solution on how to format laptop Windows 8.1 Without losing data? Every effort is made to keep up and running smoothly. In no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of

Insert USB drive to computer and launch DiskGenius; Select the USB drive in the partition manager and click “Create WinPE bootable USB drive of DiskGenius” under Tools menu.

To avoid this risk, it is recommended to save the files on an external medium, such as a USB stick. As the computer restarts, make sure to press any keys to load the installer. Want to format  laptop? You can only format the other local drive if you don't want to delete/format your windows. On the other hand, if Windows 8.1 is to be completely reinstalled and all files are deleted beforehand, the second option “Reinstall Windows” must be selected. In this variant, the hard disk is completely deleted and the system is returned to its original state upon delivery. Format Laptop Without Losing Data in Windows – Quick Way, How to Check Database Corruption in SQL Server – Simply Explained, How to Fix Metadata Corruption in SQL Server | A Step-by-Step Guide, Extracting Attachments From Mac Outlook to your Computer, How to Recover Deleted Stored Procedure in SQL Server – Explained. On the other hand, if Windows 8.1 is to be completely reinstalled and all files are deleted beforehand, the second option “Reinstall Windows” must be selected. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk.

Step 4: – The tool will start scanning and preview the result. The time required is quite high. By right click, go to manage 3.

Without this key, it is not possible to install the software, so it is advisable to deposit the key in a place that is accessible at all times. Also, upgrading your computer will install the current versions of the drivers, software, and including chipsets.

If you are ready to format your PC, go on reading. Enable registration in settings - general. Click on the Dropdown adjacent to On and Select accordingly, Step 6: – You have Date Filter Option, Choose them accordingly.
Keep pressing that key until enter Bios setup utility. Then click “Custom (advanced)” button. How to format / reformat SD card on Windows 10/8/7?

Before doing this step, make sure to have a backup file of the important data of your laptop.

And you lost all your files then you can try  Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for complete recovery of data. Bad sectors cannot be repaired via formatting. Step 5: – Search option is provided for searching for the particular file. To continue the installation, a restart is necessary. Step 4: Windows will guide you through the rest steps to set necessary configurations. If you want to upgrade the old operating system, you can proceed with the ‘upgrade’ installation, but if you want a clean install, you must click the ‘custom’ installation preference. You can simple copy & paste important data to an external hard drive, or upload to cloud storage. Then, go to the ‘advanced BIOS’ configuration options and navigate to the boot options. How to Format a Laptop and Reinstall Windows 10: Reasons Behind. The process formats computer without using Windows CD. Formatting a laptop or desktop is an easy and fast way process, which helps clean up disk, remove virus, keep system healthy, etc. Related Topic: 3 Ways to Delete Unwanted Files on Your Laptop or PC September 23, 2018. Though formatting a computer hard drive gets your PC to start from scratch, it is worth doing so in some situations. As a rule, Windows will not work properly until it has been reinstalled or get formatted.

Unlike its predecessors, the installation of Windows 8.1 is much easier. Virus or malware infects your PC. If you observe that your computer is running slow, there might be a bigger problem that you need to fix. Before you continue, make sure that the partition selected is the partition 2 (drive C). After Windows 8 or 8.1 is reinstalled, the users will be guided through the new setup. Then Eassos DiskGenius WinPE version will be launched. Step 2: Modify boot order in BIOS to make the bootable USB drive in the first order. Here are some reasons that can explain why you need to format or reformat your laptop or desktop. It recovers data from internal as well as external hard drives.

People use different methods to format computer on Windows 10/8/7/XP, for example, format hard drive during reinstalling system, reset laptop to factory settings, etc. Just make sure you have all files backed up to another disk before restoring computer. Get ready for system reinstallation. Once the computer completely turns out its display, you need to remove the installation flash drive or CD. Watch the screen and repeatedly press the key you see on the screen, and the key might be F8 or F11. Make sure power efficiency. We make sure that we have the right back up/ data in order to write about the items being reviewed. If Windows does not work properly anymore, the hard disk is defective or you have plugged in an encryption Trojan, you can restore your personal files at any time. Step 2: This time computer boots from the Setup CD automatically if the boot order has been changed correctly. There are basically two different ways to reinstall Windows 8.1, On the one hand, Windows 8.1 can be refreshed. If you cannot get one system installation CD or your computer does not have a CD driver, you can try steps in Method 2 and Method 3 to format computer. Since formatting removes all data including Windows on your computer, you’ll have to reinstall operating system after formatting. Step 1: Press power button on your laptop and Windows starts to load. Formatting computer means all of the data on the disk will be removed so that you can set up new partitions and file system for the working system of your PC. Step 1: – Download and Install the software on your machine.

Accept the license terms by checking the prompt box then click next.

However, takes no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

The first step in formatting your laptop is to insert the bootable flash drive/CD installer in the system unit. It’s common to many users to possess several computers, for example, a desktop at home and office, a laptop for mobile work, notebook or smartphone to stay connected, etc. After completing the installation of Windows 8.1, the installation of further hardware drivers is easily possible. Then, you can configure the storage capacity of the drive C (partition 2), and you can also add another volume as drive D (partition 3). Step 4: – Format Laptop Without Losing Data in Windows.

When you are done setting all the partitions, you can now click ‘next’ to proceed with the installation. Formatting computer hard drive causes data loss issue, and you should create a backup of important files and folders before proceeding with the process.

With this method, there is a risk that all files on the hard disk will be deleted during installation. Ashwani Tiwari | Know how to format a laptop without losing data. Top Probe is a review site that offers you a one of a life time opportunity to understand and listen for the right things. Then you can select the unallocated space and click Format. While you can do manual delete and perform a file backup, it would be the best for your computer to load a new operating system. Again, everything happens automatically, an intervention is not necessary. In this case, select the “Remove All and Reinstall Windows” option.

If you want to go faster, and the express version is available: In the Metro interface, you can access the “Settings” menu via the menu bar and then “Change settings”.In the following overview, the user selects “General” and then scrolls down. Just make sure you have all files backed up to another disk before restoring computer. #2 • Apr 10, 2009 Most laptops nowadays do not come with a recovery CD because they have a restore/recovery partition that you can use.

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