Sandra Thuram

Stars: R 98 min |

Improving on Chapter 2, director Stahelski stages his set pieces as exercises in vicious physicality. As beguiling as it is gorgeous, his oblique film charts Luo’s experience in a world at once real and imagined, along the way spying him in, and through, numerous mirrors and glass filters until he resembles a displaced ghost in search of home. Action, Drama, Thriller.

| Gross: Vanessa Hudgens, Director: Christopher Waltz earned an Oscar for his performance in the movie. | Tyrese Gibson, The tension between tradition and progress is almost as taught as that between mercy and brutality, as the clan’s rise to drug-running prominence comes at a catastrophic cost.
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. $0.08M, TV-MA Olivia Jewson, |

Director: Every superhero you can possibly name joins forces in this action-packed and actor-stuffed epic, in which our Marvel heroes must prevent the deadly Thanos from destroying most of the universe's population. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.



Mitchell reveals them through an adventure that’s witty, aesthetically dexterous, and laced with dark disillusionment about the puppetmaster powers-that-be and their covert machinations. Stars: Epitomized by the yin-yang symbol on which many battles are fought, dualities (masculine and feminine, light and dark, real and imitation, mortal and ghostly) are rampant throughout. 137 min Chris Pine plays Robert the Bruce, the crowned king of Scotland who is exiled from his country and bands together a team of fellow outlaws to assist him in his efforts to reclaim his throne.

The end is here, at least for the cinematic year, which has gifted us with a bounty of audacious dramas, documentaries, comedies, thrillers and action-adventures.
130 min

His quest is fraught with literal danger and, also, emotional, psychological and spiritual peril, as Roy searches the heavens for the indifferent father that abandoned him. Led by a tour-de-force turn by Moore, whose expressive work is some of her finest to date, it’s a small-scale story with a profound understanding of life as it’s actually lived, and felt. A punk band accepts a gig at a backwoods Maryland bar, only to discover the clientele is heavy on the neo-Nazis.


Action, Crime.

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