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I have further critiqued cultural geographers' disregard for underwater environments through studying an aquarium octopus. In addition to his continuing work with Grizzly Bear, Bear was briefly a member of Dirty Projectors. Bear, C., Holloway, L. and Wikinson, K. 2011. My research is unusual in cultural geography for its focus on environmental change in the aquatic.

I also recently completed research into the co-production of scallop fishing regulations in Cardigan Bay by humans, scallops, dolphins and fishing technologies, examined through the conceptual framework of geographies of assemblage.

My current research on edible insects has led me to become a Director of the Woven Network - the UK's network for insects as food and feed. My research interests centre on the relationships between humans, animals and technologies. Bear, C. (2019; invited contribution) Commentary: Bear, C. (2017; invited contribution) Commentary: Assembling ocean life: more-than-human entanglements in the Blue Economy. Dutton. Bear, C. and Holloway, L. (2019) Beyond resistance: Geographies of divergent more-than-human conduct in robotic milking. Engaging with nonhuman difference through recreational angling, Assembling the sea: hybridity, movement and uncertainty in the UK’s scallop fisheries, Third-sector Global Environmental Governance, Space and Science: Comparing Fishery and Forestry Certification, Rhythms on the river: environmental knowledge practices and spatiotemporal change in freshwater angling, River readings: the environmental knowledge-practices of angling, Thinking like a fish: how anglers make sense of changing river environments, The sceptical consumer?
About. Wilkinson, K., Holloway, L. and Bear, C. 2011. Join our monthly subscription and enjoy Christopher Bean perks and bonuses. In addition to his melodic and polyrhythmic drumming style, his songwriting contributions helped shaped the band’s sound known for it’s vast array of rich sonic layers and detailed arrangements. These interests have been developed through a wide range of empirical contexts, ranging from recreational fisheries to dairy farming. I recently completed ESRC-funded research on the adoption of robotic milking technologies in the dairy sector, developing my long-standing interest in the place of animals within food production systems. He currently resides in Winfield, Illinois, USA. My undergraduate teaching currently focuses on the history and philosophy of geography; I also give lectures on geographies of nature and the environment. While much of my current work relates to land-based and air-borne animals, I am also one of relatively few human geographers to have a focus on aquatic environments. Dr Christopher Bear. My work on robotic milking on dairy farms, conducted in collaboration with Lewis Holloway (University of Hull) and supported by an ESRC grant, examined the co-production of robots, dairy cows and humans, looking at how the introduction of robotic milking may change the ways dairy farmers manage their farms and businesses, and might affect the farmer-cow relationship. Christopher Bear is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Again developed in my PhD, much of my interest in expertise has been explored through the aquatic. This work, with Sally Eden (University of Hull), looked at the different knowledge practices employed by a variety of river users, such as anglers and scientists, in making sense of, engaging with and transforming the underwater environment. Bear, C. and Holloway, L. (2018; invited contribution) Redistributing labour in Automated Milking Systems and the more-than-human (co)production of dairy farming in Marsden, T (ed).
Christopher Bear is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Christopher Bear (born July 19, 1982) is famous for being drummer. My research focuses on the interlinked themes of: human-animal-technology relations; aquatic geographies; and geographies of knowledge and expertise. 'Making insects edible: ambiguous animality in new protein production' - invited paper.

My recent research on scallop fisheries extends my conceptualisation of ocean space, having previously adopted a topological approach to Marine Stewardship Council certification practices. 'A (More-Than-) Bug’s Life: alterity, ambiguity and awkwardness in the UK’s nascent edible insect sector’ - invited paper. This work has broken down the binary of 'lay' and 'expert' knowledges, looking at how claims are circulated and challenged in the contexts of agro-food systems and recreational fisheries management. I co-convened a Royal Geographical Society annual conference session on the aquatic in 2008, resulting in a special issue of Environment and Planning A, which I co-edited with Jacob Bull (Gender Studies, Uppsala University). of our undergraduates enter employment or further study shortly after graduating, invested in our biggest campus upgrade for a generation, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, Director of Learning and Teaching. Much of my subsequent research has focused on relationships between animals and humans in diverse contexts such as commercial and recreational fisheries, an aquarium, and dairy farms. Holloway, L., Bear, C. and Wilkinson, K. 2011.

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