29th March 2017



Alpha is a 10 week practical introduction to the Christian faith, using video presentations which lead into open discussion in small groups, where everyone is free to ask whatever questions are most important to them. Maybe you are asking yourself:

  • Is Christianity true?

  • Is it relevant to life in today’s world?

  • How can I choose to have faith?

  • Is there a plan for my future?

  • Who is this person Jesus?

  • Why does God allow suffering?

  • Does God heal?

  • Who is this Holy Spirit and what does He do?

  • What’s all this about praying and reading the Bible?

  • What about the Church?

Gill and her team would love to have you join them on the course.  To find out more about our Alpha course, call us for a chat on 01252 912761 or email: alpha@cafe46.org